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Common Causes Telephone Conference

Common Causes has a renewed mandate. They hold weekly telephone conferences with groups across Canada including RODC.  To read Tina's notes on the September conference, go here and scroll down.
RODC January 2013 Report to Supporters

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RODC 2012 Year End Report to Supporters

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Campaign Against C-38
On June 2, 2012, RODC organized a rally to object to Bill C-38 which lumps together a great many bills which will have an effect on our environment and other aspects of life in Canada. Check out our Campaigns page.
RODC April and May 2012 Monthly Reports to Supporters

The Voter Suppression Campaign: Here is a video of the Rally and March in Toronto on March 11, 2012.
RODC March Monthly Report to Supporters


RODC February Monthly Report to Supporters


Online Surveillance Bill
The Conservative government has introduced an Online Surveillance Bill that could violate your Charter right to privacy — unless you act now to stop them.

Read bill C-30 here.

Will it ever stop?  Go to this site to sign a petition asking for amendments to this bill.

And go here to send a message to your MP.
Justin Trudeau talks about Canadian values on CBC

1. With Evan Soloman: Listen to the interview here.

2. In a scrum on Parliament Hill, Trudeau explains his opposition to the direction that Harper is taking Canada in. 

Please note that there are commercials at the beginning of these videos.  Be patient.  It's worth it.===================================

NEW!  Model Letters to send to Senators here.

The CBC is in trouble unless we act quickly.  Want some evidence? Check what these Conservative MPs are saying in Parliament here.
2011 Year End Report to Supporters

The RODC Brochure is here.
Check out What You Can Do here.
Check out our Media Letter Writing Guidelines here.

Watch Susan Berry speak for RODC against the Crime Bill


RODC has been very active this year 
· arranging for public meetings,
· being more overtly active by demonstrating publicly,  
· joining other groups in demonstrating, and finally in 
· forming coalitions with several groups: Leadnow, Voices, Occupy Toronto, Fair Vote Canada.  By forming such coalitions, we hope to multiply our effect in reclaiming true democracy and effecting real change in Canada.

To read the whole report, click here.
Leadnow has started a campaign to send letters to Senators asking them to oppose the Crime Bill.  Check the site at http://www.leadnow.ca/keep-canada-safe 
Crime Bill: Demonstrations and  Actions
RODC formed a coalition with with Leadnow.ca to promote demonstrations against the Crime Bill on November 24 and 25.  
Here are some results.

Susan presenting the Bar Association Report to Terence Young

RODC pickets the Oakville MP, Terence Young. The Oakville Beaver reports.

The Calgary Raging Grannies aim to Kill the Bill.

Other Actions like this one can be seen on the Leadnow.ca site:

Sudbury Action


RODC Supports Occupy Toronto
and encourages you to
Stand Up Against Crime Bill C-10

See our special video here.


What: Meet with your MP on November 25 to ask if they will stop the passage of the crime bill in this session of parliament.

Why: The omnibus crime will is anti-democratic and the provisions will cost more while making Canadians less safe

To read the whole statement, click here.

Action Plan
On December 7, RODC members met to develop an action plan based on the outcomes of the strategic planning session  held in November.  This plan will be published here when it is consolidated and accepted at a meeting of the Committee of the Whole in January.
     In the meantime, several of the actions contained in the plan are in place now.
Strategic Planning Session

At our special strategic planning session in November, we decided to be more radical in our actions.  Among other decisions, RODC decided to show its support for the Occupy Movement.

Action #1: Occupy Toronto

Letter to all of our RODC Supporters
Important Note: We will join Occupy Toronto on SUNDAY NOVEMBER 13 at 2 pm. (See below for more information on what will be happening at Occupy Toronto Outreach Day! Susan Berry, member of the RODC Steering Committee will be speaking for 10 minutes on behalf of RODC.)
Many of us have been watching the Occupy movement with interest and excitement. This movement has swept across the United States, across Canada and around the world. Occupy appears to speak to similar concerns that RODC has about the direction of politics and economic injustice in society.
With news that Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is moving to evict the protestors because, in the words of Toronto Deputy Mayor Doug Holyday, “They’ve made their point and now it’s time to go home”, the Committee of the Whole decided at our last meeting we will join Occupy Toronto on SUNDAY NOVEMBER 13 at 2pm.

If you are within commuting distance, please email back if you would like to attend. If you want a ride from Oakville, e-mail us so we can arrange for car pooling.
If you are taking part or are supportive of other Occupy demonstrations across Canada, please take action and let us know what you are doing. We suggest letter writing to mainstream media, calling the mayors and city politicians to let them know you support the movement or attending the demonstrations.
If you cannot make it on Sunday, but would like to speak out for Occupy Toronto, please call Toronto Mayor Rob Ford at 416 – 397 – FORD (3673) to voice your support for the people who are living in the park to send a message that you do not support his call for the eviction of people who are there, peacefully demonstrating.

Below is the notice regarding Occupy Toronto: Outreach Day!

Clare Henderson
Reclaim Our Democratic Canada

When Sunday, 13 November, 14:00 – 17:00
Where St. James Park (King&Church)
On Sunday, we at Occupy Toronto are inviting a number of community, religious, environmental and social justice organisations to come down to the park and begin a dialogue with the Occupy Toronto movement.

There will be family oriented programs in the park all afternoon, but aside from that it will be a day of business as usual at the park.
Our kitchen will be in operation, logistics will be keeping the camp functional, workshops, meetings, general assemblies will be taking place, and everyone visiting will be encouraged to participate in these things.

Talks with the organizations will start at 2:00, and end at 5:00. We would like to ask representatives to tell us about their organization's work for 10 minutes each. There will be a 15 minute question and answer period after all speakers have presented, followed by a 20 minute breakout session in order for the organizations, campers, and visitors to chat and share ideas. 

Future Plans of Action

1. Social Media Workshop #1: We held a free workshop on June 22 in Oakville to train the members of RODC and local Supporters in the effective use of Twitter in getting the word out and influencing events. In conjunction with this workshop, RODC launched its Policy not Polls campaign, which is directed at the media, focusing especially on their coverage of the Ontario election to be held on October 6. To see the results, click here.
         Social Media Workshop #2: How to Create an Effective Web Presenece using Google Blogger: Clare will demonstrate the Basics as well as some Advanced Features.
        Social Media Workshop #2: Facebook 
Susan will demonstrate how to use groups on Facebook to begin a campaign.

2. Electoral Reform: A subcommittee of RODC will research the varied systems of electoral processes that are being recommended and decide what system to support in collaboration with other groups. As well as looking at proportional representation, we will examine alternatives to the paper and pencil ballot in hopes of increasing voter participation.

3. Symposium: In collaboration with other local social action groups, RODC will mount a national symposium in Oakville in 2012, which will include workshops presented by local advocates on various aspects of democracy in Canada. The outcome will be a position paper designed to create media attention and the attention of the Government of Canada. We welcome participation by other like-purposed pan Canadian organizations who we hope can send representatives. We are also investigating web casting, teleconferencing and other technologies to increase accessibility.

4. Ontario Provincial Election: Ontario members of RODC worked hard to influence the media coverage of the October 6 election in Ontario by campaigning actively for a focus on the issues that people are concerned with while reducing media attention on polls. This Policy Not Polls campaign climaxed with a Town Hall Forum organized by RODC and two other local groups.  For details, click here.

Please keep up to date with our efforts here and email us any suggestions. Your input is valuable and always welcome.

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