Stand Up Against Crime Bill C-10

Why Stand Up AGainst Crime Bill C-10

1) This Omnibus bill hasn’t been properly studied or debated
2) It is anti-democratic to bring this bill forward as one piece of legislation
3) Experts say it will be costly and the government can’t tell us how costly!
4) Experts say it won’t make communities safer or reduce crime
5) Experts say a crime reduction policy needs to address mental health and addiction issues
6) A final report on a national mental health strategy is soon to be released
7) The bill includes provisions that will put more people in jail, leave more people with permanent criminal records, make prisons more dangerous, frustrate the judicial system and cost taxpayers more.

This event is spear-headed by Reclaim our Democratic Canada (RODC).  We are a multi-partisan group of Canadians, who have become increasingly concerned about the future of Canada.

Watch our special video against C-10 here .

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