2014 Monthly Meetings

2014 RODC Monthly Meetings

Wednesday, December 10, 6:30 at Taste of Colombia* and at 7:30 Coach and Four.

1. Strategic Action Planning 1 hour
The results of the November meeting have been organized under Objectives and the beginnings of an Action Plan for 2015 will be presented by the Steering Committee for discussion and development.

2. Christmas Party at the Coach
RODC Members singing an old favourite Christmas Carol, Bugger the Bankers
And dancing to the melody!
Wednesday, November 12, 7:00 at Taste of Colombia in Bronte*

Business: 10 minutes
Minutes of the October meeting
Announcements: CBC petition, new flyer, Silent Vigil expenses

Nutrition Break and Book Exchange

Long Range Planning Session facilitated by Nicole Pietsch 70 minutes
This was an important session on what RODC can possibly do in the next months to meet its goal: 
The election of a Government that will reclaim our democratic Canada.

Is the election imminent?  It may be held as early as February 2015.  Check out this column in the star in which Thomas Walkom says, "To watch Prime Minister Stephen Harper is to see a politician in full campaign mode. Harper’s actions are always political. But these days they are political with a new intensity."

*67 Bronte Road, just north of Marine Drive


Wednesday, October 8, 7:00 at Taste of Colombia in Bronte*
Front Door

Business: Minutes, Finances including the collection of yearly donations, Reports, Announcements, Times and places of Monthly Meetings

Nutrition Break and Book Exchange

Theme : Long Range Planning: The federal election is in October 2015.
Plan Outcome: The election of a Government that will reclaim our democratic Canada
Discussion: How do we work effectively to achieve this outcome?

Video Stimuli:
1. Rick's Rant - Parliament and the need to be informed
2. Imposed Ignorance -On what evidence does Ottawa base Its policies?

Back Door To Taste of Columbia

*67 Bronte Road, just north of Marine Drive. There is lots of parking behind the shops, check for the back door.  Yury Wu has agreed to let us use her room if we buy coffee or tea, etc. in the coffee shop.
Web site.
Wednesday, September 10 7:00: At Bev's Place, 2185 Marine Drive.

Business: Minutes, Finances including the collection of donations, Reports, Announcements

Nutrition Break and Book Exchange

Theme : Plan for the election in a year’s time.

Bev will make a presentation on the direction that LeadNow is suggesting for the next year.  We will discuss how RODC can fit into that plan to support it locally.

We will watch a video on Electoral Reform. To view the video, click here.  

The June Monthly Meeting was the All Candidates Meeting on June 4 at the Galaxy Club. We co-hosted with Unifor.

Check 2014 Events for details of what happened.
Preview: To hear Alison Loat and Michael McMillan on CBC Q, Friday May 2, click here.

To hear and see the authors speak about the book on the Samara web site, click here.
#4 Monday May 5, 2014, 7:00 at
O’Finns Irish Temper,
136 Church St., Oakville
Corner Navy and Church

Tragedy in the Commons
- book launch –

What Happened to our Democracy??

Have a discussion with  Michael MacMillan, one of the authors of Tragedy in the Commons which includes exit interviews with over 80 former MPs, about the decline of democracy and what we can do about it.

Note:  No Wednesday Monthly Meeting in May.


#3  Wednesday April 2, 2014 7:00 Trafalgar Lodge

Minutes, Finances, Reports

Nutrition Break and Book Exchange

Theme : What does Fair Elections mean in a democracy?

1. Robo Calls: Bev, Gordon
2. CBC News Segment March 25: Shows demonstrations against The Elections Act 
    Note: Two ads will play before the video.

Elections Act Needs Overhaul

Star Editorial, April 4.

Samara StatementRemarks to the House of Commons’ Standing Committee on Procedure and House Affairs
     My name is Alison Loat, and I’m the co-founder and executive director of Samara, an independent, non-partisan charity that works to improve political participation through research and education.
     Read More

Presentation: On Line Voting -Judy Rivard
  Ref. Article in the Star, June 24, 2013

Rick Mercer Rant: On line voting here

Let People Vote!

Note: Click links to preview the videos.

#2 Wednesday March 19, 2014 7:00 Trafalgar Lodge: Our Leadnow Contact Event

Seeger Memorial:  play here

Minutes, Finances, Reports

Socializing and Discussion: 
Topic: Speaking out about  our government and the environment

Videos  shown for discussion: You can preview these videos ahead of time.

1. Leadnow here  2 min 45 sec

2. Neil Young on Q here  1 min 24 sec

3. Professor Dayna Scott on the environment here. 13 min

Also of interest, 

One guy with a marker here.

The Silence of the Labs, The Fifth Estate here.
#1 Wednesday January 8, 2014 7:00 pm at Trafalgar Lodge

RODC Business Items:

1. Minutes of last meeting -Bev
2. Financial update   -JudyR
3. Fair Vote Action  -Tina
4. Proportional Representation: Liberal Resolution -Bev
5.  Common Causes Report –Tina
6.  Leadnow Update -Hart
7.  Canadian Electoral Alliance Update -Susan
8.  Other Business
9.  Next Monthly Meeting:  February 5

Discussion and Socializing:  We watched a TED Talk to stimulate dialogue on democracy in Canada.

We watched the video of a summer 2013 Toronto TED talk by Darrell Bricker, CEO of IPSOS Public Affairs.  He pointed out that changing immigration patterns and population distribution by age means that the Canada we think we know is a thing of the past. He urged advertisers and political organizers to take note of the changes. 
     He concluded that the West and the 905 area around Toronto are now the most influential areas in Canada.  These are populated by conservative “immigrant strivers” who support traditional family values and law and order.  There was considerable discussion about whether these statistics really do influence voting patterns and if so, what can be done with the information. 

Darrell Bricker, CEO of IPSOS Public Affairs.

To watch this video, click here.
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