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Common Causes Conference Calls

Tuesday, March 18

Common Causes working group meeting Minutes, 
March 4, 2014 meeting
Dave Rushton, Garry Neil (CoC), Meg Borthwick(Rabble) Brent Patterson, CoC, Dylan (C0C) , Andrew McNeill, Nutshey, Michel Lambert (Alternative and People’s Social Forum) Frances Deverell (CUSJ)

Dave agreed to chair.
Frances agreed to take notes.

Dave reviewed the agenda.
Protocol – silence is golden.
Minutes – correct Andrew’s spelling McNeill

• Unfair elections act: Dylan: Working on an open letter for people to sign on to. Please review. Take to your organization and ask them to sign on. If you know high profile individuals we could approach, tell Dylan. Working with CFS and LeadNow re public ad campaigns. Hoping to engage a range of organizations in a day of action in the next month or so – gatherings at constituency offices of Conservatives, particularly those on the committee that is working on it. We need to ramp up the pressure. Focus on Conservatives because opposition already opposing. The hope is to see if we can split the caucus and get some dissention in the ranks. Preston Manning has criticized. Joe Clark? Hugh Segal? Ask to speak out.

• Health Care Actions: Brent: March 31st there will be a national day of action in support of public health care and protesting the $36 million? being taken out of the system. 11-12 cities will be participating. Last day prior to the implementation of the 2014 health accord. Working with CUPE on the targeting of 10 ridings held by Conservatives to build opposition to those members who have taken a bad stand on public health care. This will build efforts toward 2015 elections. April 17-Sept holding 10 town hall meetings in these ridings. Just discussing the launch of these events. How will it be framed? We will be sharing a web link when it is launched and will post on Common Causes. (Both for day of action and town hall meetings.) Meg: London Health Coalition is embarking on a new campaign against the SoS – Save our services, opposing the opening of many private clinics. They are privatizing the radiology dept and farming to private services for example.

• Short discussion on coordination on election strategies and role for common causes. It would be an excellent role for common causes to invite all organizations who are targeting ridings for whatever reasons to a forum to see what we are all doing and how we can coordinate as much as possible. Do we need website, twitter, facebook and conference system to do this? Set up the forum for discussion so everyone can share and coordinate. Andrew: Should the forum for discussion be the focus? What CoC and CUPE are doing is grass roots strategic voting based on key issues in key ridings. Different from a direct pitch on strategic voting. Common causes won’t focus on strategic voting in particular but rather a forum for sharing what everyone is doing so that everyone can maximize cooperation and minimize competition. It would be called Election strategy 2015. This idea was broadened. NuPGE will have a bus tour on inequality that would be relevant but not “election” targeted. Let’s call it “Information Exchange” “Clearing House” so that more can be included. Gary: Not mutually exclusive. We want people to be aware of what everyone is already doing whether election focused or not. Keep it simple. Meg: Suggest overarching theme – “Restoring Democracy” encompasses all the issues we are all addressing including indigenous and environment. Dylan: Agree streams not mutually exclusive. Harper already in election mode and all legislation is in lead up to that. Remember previous idea of “mapping.” Where do different groups have strengths? Different groups may have capacity in different parts of a particular riding and be able to cooperate that way. Let’s map our resources. Can be visually helpful to see what our potential is and to focus our efforts. Capacity, action and needs. Especially with 30 new ridings.

• Next steps: CoC and anyone else interested need to talk about what kind of forum would work, decisions on social media, to figure out what would work. CoC could pull in what help they need. CoC will be lead. Liaise with Common Causes communication committee and get them involved in selecting the title and framing.

• People’s Social Forum – Michel Lambert – website or—either works. Not completely functional. Technical and political gaps. Still need to post the themes. The prices still have to be set. Sort out individual and organizational registration processes. We hope to be available to register by the end of this week. We could have Common Causes organize a parallel activity targeted at 2015 election if it were interested, using the same themes. Attendance? Goal 10,000 people. It is going to be in Ottawa/Gatineau. August 21-24. Meg: Jul 11-13 regional social forum in London. Backup Jul 25-27. Mirroring same themes as Ottawa forum.

• Earth Day: Brent – April 22nd – A day for a broader national day of action. It may end up on May 10th. A lot of bubbling but no firm thoughts yet. Brent should know better at next meeting. A conversation in process. He is posting things as they come on the website and facebook page for Common Causes. Rev. Frances Deverell is doing a major earth day service on April 27th at First Unitarian Congregation of Ottawa, 10:30 a.m. The Evening Service will also be Earth Day with the new intern. Frances suggested they encourage all the Earth Day events Apr 22-May 10 in one place on the page. Meg says Rabble is willing to donate ad space in Rabble.Ca. We need our communications team to work on this. Go through Meg to submit material.

• Lead Now: Dave: Dave is working on stopping vote splitting. Lead Now is also working on that and planning seriously in this area. Trying to bring together Catch 22, Project Democracy, Fair Vote Canada to work together. How to do it isn’t settled yet. All the ridings are being studied. They have canvassed across the country. Their plans look beyond the election. They are now trying to host meetings to show 5-minute action plans and try to form local committees, especially in swing ridings. There are two meetings planned in Ottawa. Dave is hosting one in his condo community room. Holds 50 people. Wants to put on Common Causes website. He will get in touch with Brent to discuss. 

• Next meeting two weeks (March 18th, 1pm). Gary: Put on agenda to discuss time and place for discussing planning for election 2015 in all its complexity. CoC will develop the rest of the agenda. Dave will chair. Frances will take minutes.

October 10 Notes from Call

DRAFT MINUTES - Common Causes Working Group conference call (October 10, 2013)
Moderator: Soha Kneen

Meg Borthwick (Rabble), Ken Lewenza Jr. (Port Elgin Project), Dave Rushton (Voices), Tina Agrell (Reclaim Our Democratic Canada), Diane Orihel (Save ELA), Mandy Rocks (PSAC), Brent Patterson (Council of Canadians), Mark Hennessey (CLC), Tria Donaldson (CUPE), Chris Cornish (Actra)

Clayton Thomas-Mueller (Idle No More), Jamie Kneen (MiningWatch Canada), Michel Lambert (Alternatives)

1.      Welcome and approval of Agenda
·        Agenda was approved with modifications – the presentation on the Social Forum was deferred to the next conference call

2.      Approval of the minutes of the previous call
·        Approved

3.      Coordinator’s update
·        In the past two week Soha has been working on contacting the remainder of the Common Causes contact list and has made excellent progress. General support and enthousiasm was expressed overall.
·        She has further been working on getting First Nations, Inuit and Metis representation.  She has not yet received a response from ITK (and there are no Inuit NGOs in the Arctic – but is thinking now of contacting local Inuit organizations like Larga, Nunavut Sivuniksavut, and others). She has  also contacted the Métis Nation of Ontario who have a very formal process that has to be vetted through their board for participation. Soha has not yet been able to contact the founders of Idle No More as everyone was busy with the Oct7Proclaim events – which consisted of over 60 events across the country. Locally, Soha attended the Oct7 Proclaim event at the Museum of Nature and took pictures which will be posted on the Common Causes Facebook page.
·        Soha  also attended and live tweeted the Harkat Supreme Court hearing and has attended the PSAC information picket in front of the main public library in Ottawa and took pictures that were posted to the Common Causes Facebook page
·        Soha has also spoken with Ken Lewenza Jr. a number of times on how Common Causes and Making Waves can support each other constructively. These talks are continuing and are very positive in nature.
·        The Communications committee has met to discuss communications strategy surrounding the upcoming teach-in in Calgary. Part of the discussion also included the required mechanisms that need to be followed in regard to Common Causes communications
4.      Updates from all member organizations

Meg Borthwick (Rabble):

·        Meg attended this call to register Rabble’s presense with Common Causes. Meg’s usual role is as moderator of their discussion forum. She also writes for Rabble. Meg has asked Soha to contact the managing editor, Michele Grigas, for further participation on Common Causes conference calls. Another potential contact person at Rabble is Kim Elliott.
·        Meg reported on the abrupt departure of their editor, but was not sure what the next steps will be. Another hiring process will likely be initiated soon.
·        Meg mentioned the Common Causes page on Rabble as well as the ‘Idle No More’ page.
·        Ken asked about the possibility to create a ‘Making Waves’ page on Rabble as well.

Dave Rushton (Voices):
·        Dave reported that he had been a volunteer with Voices during the summer when things were quite quiet. At present there is a need to conduct an internal update on relationship between Voices and Common Causes. He will report back on what decisions are made as soon as the process has been completed.
·        Ken asked if it would be possible for him to have a chat with Dave at some point in regard to the relationship between Making Waves and Voices.
·        For those who don’t have a lot of background information on the Voices collective, Dave outlined that Voices is a coalition of organizations that have supported their charter – they are documenting examples of suppression of dissent. The Voices collective promotes the freedom of dissent without punishment.
·        Dave recommended for everyone to have a look at their very comprehensive website.
·        Dave mentioned an upcoming workshop on Oct. 23 at McGill University. He stated that they would be looking at this subject area, that a panel had been developed that would be primarily academic in nature to look at articles/public debate around freedom of voice and how it’s responded to by this government
·        Dave asked for a list of attendees of this conference call.
·        Discussion ensued on how such a list could be made available in a confidential manner. It was decided to make the list of contacts for the Common Causes working group available only to the participants of the calls.
·        Soha was asked by all to create a chart with the contact information of those on the call that day.

Tina Agrell (Reclaim Our Democratic Canada):
·        Tina reported that they are  working with Lead Now by helping them create a short list of issues to undo the damage done to democracy
·        Ken stated that ‘Reclaim Our Democratic Canada’ was in the best position to identify the attacks on democracy in Canada. He also mentioned a website (Shit Harper Did) as a possible resource.

Diane Orihel:

·        Diane is a freshwater scientist and founded coalition to save ELA, which is a world renowned research facility. Their funding was cut in 2012 by the Harper government.
·        For over a year they tried to convince the government t to reinstate their funding, but were refused.
·        The Ontario government has offered an interim agreement to keep doors of ELA open until March 2014 with the aim to provide the impression that it was business as usual. But nothing could be further from the truth – no experiments are permitted and scientist are leaving as a result. This is preventing science from happening at ELA.
·        The potential new operator is the International institute for Sustainable Development, an policy organization based in Winnipeg. They are a think tank. As operator they would need to develop a science team which they currently lack.
·        Diane stated that everything is in limbo right now and could fall apart.
·        Resulting questions currently include 1. who will develop the research agenda, 2. What government policy will be/how it will affect the project given the funding source and the nature of the operator

Mandy Rocks (PSAC):

·        Last week, PSAC launched a national campaign to help Veterans stop the closure of nine Veterans Affairs regional offices which are slated to all be closed by February 2014. PSAC would like organizations to support the campaign by sharing the video as widely as possible within their own organizations. The video can be found on the PSAC website (specifically at and more ways to get involved. Since the conference call it has also been posted at the Common Causes Facebook page at: This campaign is intended to draw attention to government cuts across the country and aims to help veterans to stop the closure of their nine regional offices. Mandy recommended for everyone to visit the site and have a look at the video posted there and to please share it.
·        PSAC is organizing a rally in Calgary at the same time the Conservative Convention is taking place. It will be held Saturday November 2, 2013, 11:30am - 1pm - location to be confirmed. A BBQ will follow organized by Public Interest Alberta and others. Organizations with members in Calgary are encouraged to contact PSAC (through Jeffrey Vallis 204.956.4625) for more information.
·        Mandy also stated that in keeping with event organized on Friday night – Maude is speaking at the rally.
·        Dave stated that it occurred to him that the veterans issue is one we at Common Causes should really look at – with upcoming election Canadians would get on board with this issue.
·        Mandy further elaborated that there is a Veterans Memorial Way and Highway of Heroes. Both are symbolic gestures, but don’t represent the reality of how veterans are really treated – is an area where the government is vulnerable and where the campaign would have broad public support.
·        The campaign was widely picked up by media across the country. At one of the events 3 veterans spoke and 3 members who deliver services spoke also.
·        Mandy also stated that they are currently in collective action re: border services – rallies across the country are going on!

Brent Patterson (Council of Canadians):

·        Brent reported that Maude was currently on a 14 city book tour. Her book is about the need to recognize the human right to water and sanitation and recognize the rights to water. He stated that the Harper government has nominally acknowledged this and UN has now focused on water justice also.
·        Brent also stated that they were currently working with a number of organizations on the energy east pipeline (Alberta to New Brunswick).
·        He also stated that the group was probably aware of various groups campaigning against CETA. It is likely that it could be signed this month. There is an agreement in principle though not a complete agreement. There is a need to push on the business press around it.
·        Quickly mentioned too that the Council of Canadians has been lending political support and solidarity and some material aid to the ongoing fight back/blockade against the fracking operation in Rexton, NB.

Mark Hennessey (CLC):
·        Mark provided and update on one of their largest initiatives – the Together Fairness Works campaign. The website url is
·        This campaign is an attempt on their end to address their public image. Unions are not always seen in a favourable light by the public. This represents an introduction of themselves in a different manner.
·        Massive member to member campaign – 56 affiliates –quite a few non-affiliates are also participating with this campaign, which aims to communicate and build relationships with members.
·        Mark also reported the training of facilitators to work with affiliates over the summer.
·        Over the month of September, 23 leadership seminars took place.
·        Mark also reported on implementing structures in locals and how to map out how to hold 3 million conversations in the next few years and that he had just met with national political action committee.
·        Mark stated that a lot of work is being conducted in a number of different cities to throw mud on some of the vulnerable conservatives and that they were raising a bit of trouble for them if they could.

Tria Donaldson (CUPE/Common Causes Communications Committee):
·        Tria reported on the National convention next week and on CUPE’s 50th anniversary. She also reported on their work on the Fairness campaign.
·        She also stated that she was assigned to the political action file and fairness project.
·        Ken asked if a person from PSAC and herself were running something in Windsor and also asked to provide info on Making Waves relevant to their unions.

Dylan Penner (Council of Canadians/Common Causes Communications Committee):

·        Dylan stated that the recent Common Causes Communications Committee conference call consisted of discussing/the pulling together of the Calgary teach-in related items, which included messaging, media strategy (eg. the hashtag #CommonCauses will be used on Twitter for this event),  multi-media use and the use of op-eds for this event.
·        He also provided the update that the media advisory for this teach-in had resulted in a Canadian press story
5.      Social Forum 2014 – defer that to next call
·        The discussion of this item was deferred to the next conference call
6.      Discussion of Common Causes membership

·        It was decided for membership to be reserved to individuals representing member organizations.
7.      Presentation by Ken Lewenza Jr. on the Port Elgin Project

·        Ken provided a history of the Port Elgin Project by going back 2-3 years. He talked about the right wing and strength of the right and who is behind it. He also talked about the Fire the Liar campaign.
·        The intent of the Port Elgin Project was to do something throughout the country. This resulted in people going to meet with conservative MPs to address the issue. 
·        The intent of this project also was to identify capacities.
·        Ken stated that at that time the progressive community didn’t have the capacity to pull this off across the country. A lot of great work was being done but there was no overall coordination and capacity. Even with great work being done a huge disconnect existed between the work that was being done and the base
·        Ken mentioned that the website for the Making Waves document written by Tony Clarke was now available at: More information could also be found at:
·        Ken outlined that the CAW had supported the process with no strings attached and with no public announcements having been made.
·        This process brought about 80 groups together to have conversation on how to work together differently and effectively. It didn’t need an organization – didn’t need displacement or duplication. The intent was to make existing organizations more vibrant.
·        The Making Waves document lays out some suggestions and concrete ideas on how to work better together.
·        Ken stated that he had some conversations with Soha and Brent about Common Causes and the Port Elgin project in regard to solidarity work. There is a need to determine objectives and complement one another effectively in our respective work. Ken addressed the issue of corporate power and how to challenge this. He also stated the need to develop a narrative across the country where common link behind all of the causes/groups is corporate power. He stated that there was a need to begin to think about these issues and to go on the offensive.
·        There is also a need to start thinking about how to organize our communities and work places
·        Ken discussed the planning of regional assemblies. He sees this process as a means to start thinking about building these incubators to bring people together to start thinking about how to organize against the right
·        The next steps outlined by Ken included plans to have meeting again in the spring to talk about a governance structure and about an alternative funding structure
·        Ken apologized to French brothers and sisters that the Making Waves document website is not available in French until spring

·        Dave Rushton question: when listening to objectives of Making Waves it occurred to him that it sounds a lot like what Common Causes is trying to do.
·        Ken responded that Dave was right and that there is a need for both initiatives to define some objectives.
·        Brent agreed as well, although work had been done on both initiatives for some time, they were still relatively new and were sorting things out.
·        Ken stated that he was glad that various initiatives are in conversation and having discussions – who cares about banners. He stated the need to keep doing the work and keep the conversations going. He thought they were great initiatives that are complimentary and that there is a need to see how they work together.
·        At this time Ken took the opportunity to mention another initiative called ‘Ear to the Ground’ out of San Francisco that had produced a paper titled ‘More than we imagined’ (, which is similar to the Making Waves document.  
·        Ken elaborated on his work as it relates to unions – to be successful there is a need to support multi-layered approaches and find points of convergence. At the grassroots level this could consist of helping to launch work - to coordinate together coast to coast. He stated the express need for a mechanism to do this effectively and efficiently as well as the need to make sure that as a movement we can keep working together even if not always in complete agreement at all times.
·        Dave (speaking as an individual and not as a representative of Voices) stated that he was not absolutely saying that the two initiatives should merge today, but to concretely monitor the pros and cons of what both groups are doing – versus merging them.
·        Ken stated that discussion needs to take place ‘around the kitchen table’. Unless this happens, nothing will change.
·        Tria raised the point that they had not yet had the space to come up with an idea together and encouraged Common Causes and Making Waves to think about a ten year plan to take back Canada. This plan should address what role different groups can take and how to be supportive of each other.
·        Ken responded by stating that he would like it if Making Waves could contribute to the 10 year plan and that this plan could be a discussion starter.

8.      Next Steps/Action Items

·        Continued work to seek in Aboriginal representatives for the working group.
·        To provide a contact list to the participants of the Common Causes Conference calls.

9.      Date and time of the next conference call

October 29, 2013 at 1 pm EST.

September 26, 2013   1pm
Notes by Tina Agrell

Sohar Kneen is the new Coordinator for Common Causes.  She set up the Conference Call to re-activate the group.
Sohar had sent new proposed language for the Common Causes Website and proposed additions to the site, a list of upcoming dates, a proposed formal governance structure and notice of a Common Causes Teach In to be held on November 1st in Calgary as counterpoint to the Conservative Party policy conference being held that weekend.  So far confirmed speakers are: David Suzuki, Andrew Nikiforuk, Brigitte du Pape (the Government Page) Maude Barlow and Crystal Lameman (Beaver Lake Cree).

1. Introductions and Expectations:
Participants I could identify: 
Patty Boyd  - UNIFOR,  Tria Fey  - Canadian Environmental Law, Michel Lambert -  Alternatives Montreal, Ken Lewenza Jr.  -UNIFOR (ex CAW) Gerry Jones - Union Retirees, Nick Fillmore  -One Big Campaign, Mandy Rox    - Public Service Alliance, Mark Kennedy - Canadian Labour Congress, Andrew McNeil -  NUPGE, Ralph Robano - Common Frontiers Toronto (with international links) Rev Frances Deverell – Unitarians for Social Justice, Chris Cornish -  ACTRA, Achna Manpur - CUPE, Anez Trudeau - CUPE, Dylan Penner - Council of Canadians, Brent Patterson - Council of Canadians, Anil Naidoo - Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions, Jamie Kneem - Mining Watch Canada, Tina Agrell and Donna Chevrier  - Reclaim Our Democratic _Con-3C67DF6519B\c\s\lCanada. Members mostly said they were glad to see the movement going forward.

Frances Deverell suggested we need a hard copy list so we can contact each other between times.  Sohar said she will do this for those members who don’t mind being public.  (Some do)

2. Approval of agenda/decision making structure. 
Should we make decisions by consensus or by voting? Donna felt this is something that needs to evolve over time. Sohar decided that for today we would go with consensus.  There were no objections
      3.   Website/Communications.
Sohar had sent out updates to the website.  Introducing the ideas of solidarity and joint organization, a new piece on involvement of First Nations, added Climate Fast to the home page, is creating a Twitter account and a Flickr page for pictures.  There will be a section with contact information for member groups.
Please send news items to her by e-mail, with key dates.  Sohar will attend events if invited, she checks her e-mails often. 
4. Proposed Committee Structure
Proposed Steering Committee Structure
3 representatives from the national Unions
3 representatives from national NGOs
3 Aboriginal representatives (1First Nations, 1 Inuit, 1 Metis representative)
1 representative from each province/territory
1 representative from the Council of Canadians (Common Causes Secretariat)
Sohar had spoken to Clayton about aboriginal representation.  He was most interested in furthering Treaty Rights.   She has yet to hear further from him nominating possible members.
The idea is that the Steering Committee will consist of sector representatives, unless there are any financial reasons not to. Please e-mail nominations
 Frances asked what Financial reasons might there be?  Sohar avoided a direct answer. The implication seemed to be that funding for NGOs might suffer.
Achna explained that at the group meeting last December they spent a full day discussing how to proceed and decided on a formal governance structure with a maximum of about 20 members. The CLC and Unions will figure out a way to elect union reps, Council of Canadians will develop its own process for finding a rep.  How will NGOs do so?
Ken Lewenza was suspicious and wanted to know the composition of the December meeting.  Gerry Jones reassured him, named the embers and said they hoped to leave it to participants to create their own process. Some NGOs were reluctant to make public the names of their reps. Gerry felt we could spin tires through use of huge conference calls and a smaller group is needed to carry things forward.  We need a Governance Committee to be set up soon on an interim basis to get a structure in place.
Ken Lewenza felt we need to be flexible about the composition of that small group.  Granted Labour should not dominate, but is 3 representatives enough?  It would be important to avoid any perception of infighting and conflicting interests.
Frances Deverell suggested calling for a nominating committee for NGOs.  They don’t usually talk to each other.   Perhaps a Google group might work?
Anil pointed out that the structure as proposed still seems good.  The reps for Province/Territory might fill in any gaps.  Sohar summarized The CLC and Unions will figure out their reps, for NGOs Sohar will co-ordinate a call out for nominations
For Aboriginal groups it is important to get representatives who are connected to many interest groups and have intersecting experience. 
Tria pointed out that they must be comfortable and interested with the aims of Common Cause or they will not get involved.   We will need access to historical documents.
ACTION:  Sohar said she would investigate that.
Dylan noted that for provincial/territorial reps some networks already exist (e.g. Ontario Common Front.)  We may need to have a different nomination process in each area.
Gerry warned not to get bogged down in details now – just take on people who are active and connected for now and bring them into an Interim Committee.
ACTION: Sohar summarized that she will contact all members on the mailing list, seek nominations and speak to Clayton and others (possibly the women who started Idle No More) about aboriginal representation.
Achna suggested that members on the call should send names and contact information of possible nominees to Sohar, Unions and NGOs with regional connections could also make suggestions to Sohar.
Member Organizations Working Group (public and private)
Current composition is approximately 80 representatives
This was not discussed.  I think if RODC is interested, we should e-mail Dylan Penner with a request to be included in this committee.

5. Current Plan of Action (to 2015) including possible Days of Action
Please look at the list of events on the website and add any events.  E-mail additions to Sohar to be added to the website. 
Some members pointed out that new wording for the website really needs to go through the Communications Committee for approval.  There should be no suggestions that members are part of a coalition or involved in a struggle.  Members are still individuals.
6. Next Steps
Sohar suggested the possible endorsement of the Climate Fast on Parliament Hill.
Frances Deverell explained this is on-going.  There will be a stroll on Friday to the Prime Minister’s home.   A crowd is needed. There will be a Closing Circle in Ottawa on Wednesday, to draw attention to the fact that Canada should act now on climate change.  We should also write to MPs MPPs and MLAs about renewable energy. 
Gerry asked if Common Causes had ever ENDORSED any project.  Surely it was up to individuals to communicate to their own groups and publicize events by sending out updates.  Publicizing rather than endorsing was preferred.
Next Steps and Action items have been discussed under each agenda item.
7. Date and Time of next conference call.
Sohar had heard from many members that regular communication was important.  Should calls be bi-weekly or monthly?
Members felt this depended on what the group was trying to do.  Ken Lewenza felt that it would depend on how much time and effort we expected from the Steering Committee. Brent Patterson suggested that two weeks would give members time to think about today’s discussion and for Sohar to follow up.

Next meeting Thursday October 10th at 1 pm.
Meeting closed at 2.05pm

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