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Reclaim Our Democratic Canada

We are a national grassroots movement aiming to restore democracy in Canada by

  • monitoring government actions
  • communicating to Canadians about actions that undermine democracy
  • providing a forum to share concerns and plan for action
  • working with like-minded organizations to restore democracy
  • demanding responsible media coverage of the issues
  • advocating for participatory democracy.

We are the majority in Canada!
Let’s use our power!

Bev LeFrancois, Co-ordinator
Tina Agrell, Recorder
Clare Henderson, Web Site Design
Judy Rivard, Treasurer
Elka Enola, Communications
Carol Brayman, Communications
Pat Froio, Member at Large
Nicole Pietsch

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We invite you to join the movement to

Reclaim Our Democratic Canada.

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Reclaim Our Democratic Canada  

This is a wake-up call for all who feel that their vision of Canada is at odds with the current direction of Canadian  politics. 

Actions by the federal Conservative government, such as, stymied parliamentary committees, removal of outspoken government watchdogs, obstructed access to information,   defunded equality-seeking groups, paint a disturbing picture of the systematic erosion of human rights.

Even Canada’s stellar international reputation for fairness and generosity has been tarnished. To many of us, this demonstrates an alarming disrespect for the foundation of democracy: our parliamentary traditions and regulations, and the rule of law. We fear that the present day conservatism is no longer progressive.

Unfortunately much political reporting in Canada focuses on polls and campaign tactics rather than issues and policies, resulting in an uninformed and discouraged electorate. The trend by political parties to resort to the use of attack ads is contributing to our democratic decline. 

RODC is not an organization to fight all the ills of Canada.  RODC is limited to dealing with the erosion of our democratic process, the lack of open, transparent, accountable  government, and the need to hear voices of dissent and advocacy.

The Canada We Want

Within Canada’s highly-developed parliamentary democracy, and  recognizing its evolving history and traditions, we citizens of Canada want the following:

1. Recognition and Respect for our much-envied Charter of Rights and Freedom.

2.Transparent, Open and Accountable Government: We want our elected representatives to have all the information available for good decision-making. It must be based on needs identified and backed up by scientific evidence such as the mandatory long form census. Citizens must have access to information, without political interference.

3. Attention Paid to Voices of Dissent and Advocacy: We want all citizens, for example, the peaceful protesters at the G8/G20, to feel safe presenting opposing views. We want organizations to advocate for their clients without fear of retribution, such as the loss of funding for programs advancing women’s equality.

4. Informative Media: We want political reporting in Canada to focus on issues and policies, not polls, personalities or campaign tactics. 

Anti-democratic Actions
·        Being the only government in the Commonwealth to ever be found in contempt of parliament.
·        Proroguing Parliament twice to    avoid facing a non-confidence  vote.
·        Blocking access to information requests of citizens and media. (e.g. the transfer of detainees for possible torture)
·        Using the Senate to stall legislation parliament has passed, (e.g. Bill C-393 to send life- saving drugs to developing countries)

Denying funding to equality-seeking organizations (Court Challenges Program, Status of Women Canada and 65 more)

Punishing, firing, and silencing  individuals who disagree with the government (doing their jobs as ombudsmen, commissioners and watchdogs).   

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