Some of the members of the CofW meet in June 2015

Committee of the Whole/Monthly Meetings: This group is made up of the RODC founding group and the people who joined them locally to work for true democracy in Canada.
Membership: All of the members who have signed up to come to monthly meetings and work on local campaigns. There is a suggested yearly donation of $20 for membership.

Steering Committee: With monthly meetings together with many e-mails, this key group organizes and implements actions determined by the Committee of the Whole.

Membership: The members of the Steering Committee are listed in the right hand frame of this page.

2015 All Candidates Meetings
In the runup to the election, RODC proposes to hold two all candidate meetings in Oakville and in Burlington-North Oakville.
Action TeamThe latest action was the January 28, 2013 demonstration in league with groups across Canada.  The focus of RODC was "Get off the Omnibus", consistent with our campaigns against all of the recent omnibus bills which are so detrimental to the democratic process in Canada.  There are photos of this action at the top of the right hand frame of this page and a description of the event on the Campaign page.

Symposium 2012: RODC held a symposium on November 24, 2012 on aspects of democracy in Canada. We have created a special site for that event. The committee's recommendations will be carried out by the Steering Committee and the Committee of the Whole.

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