Fifth Birthday 2014

4th Birthday 2013: Birthday Thoughts

Clare's ideas:
As Bev cuts the cake at the celebration of our fourth birthday, it is time to consider what impact RODC has had on the movement to reclaim our true democracy in Canada.

It is difficult for some people to see how our democracy has suffered under the rule of the Harper government when we have witnessed the violence in Arab states as they break the yoke of authoritarian dictatorships in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, and  Syria.

But again and again, we have pointed out the ways in which our freedoms and democratic institutions have been chipped away. These are not losses to be ignored.

Have we had any effect in four years?  I think we have, and others will point out other indicators, I am sure.

More groups have sprung up across the country with concerns like ours, and there have been efforts to bring these groups together to form one large opposition movement.  These efforts have been only partially effective so far.

What has been noticeable, especially in the last year, is that commentators in the media have become more blatant and open in their opposition to the Harper style of government.  On one side, their columns have encouraged us to be more active,  and in turn our actions have encouraged them to be more vociferous.  The combination must have effected many citizens in our country.

As a result, I think we have had a profound effect on our members and Supporters, and in  a more general way on the media and the population of Canada.
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