RODC February Monthly Report

RODC Monthly Report to Supporters February 2012

A month has passed since our last report to Supporters, and since then there have been several happenings that make us even more determined to work on our overarching goals: first, to elect a truly democratic government in 2015, and second to change the voting system in Canada. To help guide us to our goals, we have drafted our Strategic Action Plan and posted it on our site.  

Our most important campaign is the opposition to the Crime Bill.

The Senate Legal Committee is currently studying the Bill C-10.  Here is a site with the fax numbers of the 12 committee members as well as a method of sending faxes from your computer to the Senate Legal Committee Members.

The Brownstone Group has developed a petition aimed at influencing Senators to reject C-10. They urge you to sign here

Leadnow has a site at that encourages us to e-mail letters to Senators expressing our opinion of the Crime Bill.

The CBC is in danger! Here are the words of Conservative MPs seeking to "de-fund" the CBC as published by the Friends of the CBC.

Avaaz has an interesting idea for influencing the outcome of the next election –join a party!  Anyone can join one of the political parties and acquire voting rights.  For more information, and to take action if you choose, click here.

Here are some interesting events that we have been watching over the last month.

Justin Trudeau has made some controversial statements that caught our attention.  To hear him speak, check out these two CBC videos. There will be a commercial at the beginning, so please be patient.

1. With Evan Soloman, Justin explains his controversial comments.

2. On Parliament Hill, Justin speaks to reporters in a scrum on the direction that the current government is taking Canada.

This article entitled Time for 'Occupy Parliament'? may stimulate activity.

And last, but far from least is the challenge laid down by Gerald Caplan in his article in the Globe and Mail: What happened to Harper’s opposition?

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We hope you will continue to support us in this new year.  Let is know what you think at

Clare Henderson for the Steering Committee
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