Separation of Religion and State

We want Canada to maintain the principle of the separation of religion and state.

We want Canada to be governed by a democratic government where decisions are based on needs identified and supported by scientific and statistical evidence.  Decisions should never be driven by ideology, by partisanship, nor by attempts to appease certain groups for political reasons. 

That under the present government we have seen a number of initiatives that closely reflect the views of the religious right. While we support freedom of religious expression, we feel that this government’s hardline stance on issues such as a women’s right to choose and  gay/lesbian rights do not reflect the ideals of tolerance and inclusion as embraced by the vast majority of Canadians. Examples follow:     

  i.  the rejection of a national child care plan in favour of family allowances

 ii.  the elimination of the court challenges program that served as a vehicle for gay rights campaigners.  In September 2006 Minister Baird explained that the government was no longer interested in funding opposition to legislation it believed was right

 iii. the recent refusal to provide abortion funding as part of its G8 maternal health initiative

 iv. cuts of funding for women’s groups which hold views that differ from those of this government

 v. the elimination of all funding for gay pride events in Toronto. In May 2010 Industry Minister Tony Clement declined funding for events related to what is recognized as the largest celebration of gender diversity and tolerance in the world.

That  all political parties are currently pursuing the "faith-based" vote, a strategy that will result in religion remaining an influence in Canadian politics.

That  a fundamentalist perspective, regardless of religion or denomination, does not serve women well.
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