RODC Definition of Democracy

RODC recognizes that there is a range of applications of democratic concepts because of the range of societies in the world, but some characteristics are common to all.
Common Characteristics of All Democratic Governments
  • Periodic election of leaders
  • All adult citizens can vote
  • Citizens are free to assemble and organize
  • Citizens have access to information. There can be no effective citizen involvement without an informed populace.
The Characteristics of a Democratic Government Suited to a Modern Canadian Society
In addition to the Common Characteristics, Canada’s should have the following characteristics:
  • government should guarantee  justice for all Canadian citizens.
  • government policies should ensure gender equality in all matters.
  • government should act on the principle of the separation of religion and state.
  • government decisions should never be driven by ideology, by partisanship, nor by attempts to appease certain groups for political or financial reasons. 
  • government should welcome dissenting voices and encourage and support advocacy. The greater the degree of access that one has to decision making, the greater is the democratic process. Governments with a high degree of democracy support a high degree of advocacy.
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