A Night for Human Rights

Susan Berry's report on the Night For Human Rights (poster below this report):
On December 10, 2011 approximately 50 people from OccupyTO, RODC and NORML Canada gathered on Queen’s Park to hold a candlelight vigil to call for democracy and human rights. 
Speakers, including Gerald Parker and Anderson Biseto from the Institute of Canadian Justice; and Susan Berry from RODC called on both the federal and provincial governments to halt the passage of Bill C-10 and invest in 
-a national mental health strategy, 
-a national school food program
-youth diversion and 
-addressing the social and economic realities of aboriginal peoples of Canada
Anderson opened and ended the vigil with a prayer.
The event was covered by City TV.
Attendees vowed to continue the fight against Bill C-10 to the Senate level.

This is International Human Rights Day.

The event is sponsored by Occupy Toronto 
All are welcome to name the many human right and democratic concerns about Canada beyond the Crime Bill
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