Who We Are

For seven years, RODC actively documented and resisted the dismantling of Democracy in Canada.

We have achieved our mission: "To elect a government that will reclaim our democratic Canada."

The indications so far are that this is what the new government of Canada intends to do.

The question is, Will RODC be useful in "rebuilding" real democracy? 

We have decided to dissolve the organization and start the process to form a Halton chapter of the Council of Canadians.
Who We Are

We are a grassroots movement aiming to rebuild democracy in Canada by

∙ monitoring government actions
communicating to alert Canadians about areas of concern.
providing a forum to share concerns and ideas for action
working with like-minded organizations to rebuild democracy
advocating for positive change.

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*Multi-Partisan: An Explanation

The term “multi-partisan” encompasses different but objective viewpoints and diverse political affiliation. When issues are discussed, we respect and welcome all partisan or non-partisan voices.

RODC’s collective perspective and goals have never been fused with narrow-interest or singular positions.

RODC has actively documented and resisted the dismantling of Democracy in Canada. We are united in our work for democracy in Canada and in our hopes for the future.

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