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January 25, 2017
More Activism in Halton: New Chapter Council of Canadians

To add to the impressive number of social action groups in Halton, a new Halton chapter of the Council of Canadians was launched last night (January 25).
Thirty supporters gathered at Oakville Town Hall last night to form the new Halton chapter.  People expressed interest in a variety of issues including water protection, democratic reform, the rights of indigenous peoples, fair trade and social housing. Several of the new Halton chapter activists have been supporting the Council since its foundation 33 years ago. 
A number of the supporters in attendance formerly belonged to the Reclaim Our Democratic Canada (RODC) group, which had a good number of activist members in Halton. The RODC group had largely achieved its goal of over 7 years, namely to reclaim  and strengthen the democratic principles which Canada has held dear since its confederation. These former RODC members are pleased to be able to devote their energy to the Council of Canadians, which also places a high priority on strengthening Canada's democracy.
The meeting was also joined by members of the nearby Hamilton chapter who came out to share their experiences and offer their support and encouragement.
The Halton chapter is the 19th in the Ontario-Quebec-Nunavut region.  Their next meeting will be  Wednesday Feb 15th. For more details, email the chapter at june.haltoncoc@gmail.com

RODC has decided to dissolve and reform as a chapter of the Council of Canadians.

I have exciting news to share with you. The founding meeting of the Council of Canadians’ Oakville-Halton chapter will be held on January 25 – and you’re invited!

Being a part of a local Council of Canadians chapter is an enjoyable way to directly engage on current issues, get to know like-minded people in your community and act for social justice. There are many opportunities to take part in events, network and take part in meetings, including annual regional meetings and national conferences. It is also a great way to bring speakers, national tours, creative events and political actions to your community.

Come meet me and other Council of Canadians supporters as the Oakville-Halton Council of Canadians chapter holds its very first meeting. We will talk about local issues, Council of Canadians campaigns, and ways you can be active in your community acting for social justice.

Event details

When: Wednesday, January 25, 2017 from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m.
Where: Oakville City Hall, 1225 Trafalgar Rd, Oakville (Map)

I hope to see you there!

If you can’t make the meeting but are interested in knowing more about the chapter, please be in touch.

Mark Calzavara
Ontario Regional Organizer, The Council of Canadians

2015-16 Local Actions:

Dear RODC Friends,

Please come to MP John Oliver's Office at 301 Robinson St. Oakville at 2.30 PM on Friday Dec. 16.

The purpose of the gathering is to show support for electoral reform
and a form of PR Government.  There will be a petition to sign and a letter will be presented to Mr. Oliver.
If you want to make a sign as well, GREAT!

Leadnow is encouraging these Gatherings all across Canada.
Let's not let them down.

Cheers, Bev
========================== Demonstration at Oakville City Hall

October 4, 2016 Sisters in Spirit Meeting

Throughout Canada today there are vigils being held in First Nation, Metis, and Inuit communities as well as in rural and urban towns and cities.

A large group including many members of RODC met in Oakville Town Square.

Susan Aglukark sings Amazing Grace in Inuit

Watching This Changes Everything, CBC TV on February 18 at 8:00.

Preview here.

October 4 Sisters in Spirit Candlelight Vigil

Throughout Canada today there are vigils being held in First Nation, Metis, and Inuit communities as well as in rural and urban towns and cities.

A large group including many members of RODC gathered at the Peace Garden at Sheridan.

Loraine Green represents the organizing committee for the vigil.

Paula Laing is the Student Success and Transition Advisor at the Aboriginal Initiatives Office at Sheridan College.

Lorraine Green with Paula Laing, Sheridan Collage

People gather for the vigil

Elder Bertha smudging

Paula Laing and Elder Bertha

Stories of Women on placards read by First nations Students from Sheridan.

Miguel, aboriginal student at Sheridan

Lena, aboriginal student at Sheridan

The Vigil Statement  by Lorraine and Jess :

There is great strength in unity.

Together we are uniting for a common cause and drawing attention to this Canadian human rights tragedy.

Together we raise awareness for over 1800 Missing and Murdered Aboriginal women and girls.

Sadly, First Nations, Metis, and Inuit families are impacted by this extreme violence both directly (this is we all know someone from ourown community who is missing a loved one) and indirectly (we are aware that more and more women are going missing or being murdered). 

Today is also a day for us to come together and grieve, as well as heal.

Together we must demand action!

Challenge to everyone to vote and request the elected MP support the holding of a National Inquiry about the causes and response to the Murdered and Missing First Nation Women of Canada, accompanied by an appropriate First Nations message of commitment.

                                                   – Paula Laing

All Candidates Meeting September 30, 2015 

Attending Candidates:
Che Marville - NDP Oakville 
John Oliver - Liberal Oakville 
David Doel - Green Party Oakville 
Pam Damoff - Liberal Oakville North-Burlington 
David Clement - Libertarian Oakville North-Burlington 
Adnan Shahbaz - Green Party Oakville North-Burlington 
Janice Best - NDP Oakville North-Burlington
People gathering at the meeting at Millcroft

Notes by Tina Agrell

Photos by Clare Henderson
Joey Edwardth, Moderator
Mervyn Russell, leading the singing of O, Canada

Heather McCann welcomes us to  First Nations land
On Wednesday September 30th the Millcroft Golf and Country Club made history.
It was the scene of the first ever All Candidates debate in the brand new riding of Oakville-North Burlington, hosted by Reclaim Our Democratic Canada (RODC) and the Halton Branch of Fair Vote Canada (FVC). There was standing room only in the pretty clubhouse and the organizers were delighted to see so many young people in the audience.

All candidates from both Oakville (O) and Oakville-North Burlington (ONB) had been invited. Unfortunately, both Conservative candidates declined the invitation, which was a great pity as it effectively denied voters the chance to meet them and hear their point of view. 

The Seven Candidates stand to sing the anthem
Adnan Shahbaz and Che Marville
The aim of both Fair Vote Canada (Halton) and Reclaim Our Democratic Canada is to promote citizen participation in political decision making, to make every vote count and to encourage lively discussion in order to revive democracy in Canada.

Each candidate made an opening statement in response to the questions

“What would your party do to strengthen democracy in Canada?” And “Do you believe that the number of MPs elected to Parliament from each party should be roughly proportional to the percentage of the vote cast for each party? “
The candidates spoke of making this election the last one to use First Past The Post, some like Janice Best of the NDP (ONB) opting to move straight to a system of Mixed Member Proportional Representation, others like Liberal John Oliver (O) committing to a thorough review of alternatives first.

David Clement, the Libertarian (ONB) , did express some concerns about what such a move would mean for Independent candidates and whether regional differences could be guaranteed representation.

Adnan Shahbaz of the Green Party (ONB) pointed out that the audience had only to look around to see that in Canada democracy is in trouble. The party currently in power could not handle dissenting opinion and were not participating in the democratic process. Eliminating the impact of Big Money and doing away with Party Whips would prevent power being centralized in the hands of a few and allow individual MPs to speak out.

Che Marville NDP (O) noted that in Halton there is no indifference, people here are fiercely committed to Canada, but because we have a government that won’t talk to us, 9.3 million people do not vote.

There was no shortage of questions from the floor with people lining up at the microphone or handing in written questions to be read by moderator Joey Edwardh of Community Development Halton.
On cuts to the CBC Liberal Pam Damoff (ONB) noted that
Janice Best and Adnan Shahbaz
John Oliver and Pam Damoff
support for a nation-building TV and Radio network must come from the top. David Doel of the Greens (O) argued that a large cash injection and reorganization of the governing board would be important to reduce political interference in programming. 

David Doel  and David Clement
John Oliver pointed out that the Liberals would double investment in the arts and film as well, putting Canadian culture back into foreign diplomacy.

On coalitions and minority governments the candidates asked, “Why be afraid of minority government?” They argued that the change people are yearning for involves parties working together, to negotiate and support initiatives, to forge a made-in-Canada system of concensus and collaboration.

The role of an MP was to represent the needs and wishes of the constituency and all the candidates vowed to make these heard in Ottawa. As the only currently elected official Pam Damoff noted that it is not always easy to discover what these needs and wishes are and it requires both interest and real effort to reach out to constituents.

On the Trans Pacific Partnership most candidates were appalled that the Prime Minister could sign such a deal during an election. They saw it as a scary juggernaut, with as yet unknown consequences such as loss of jobs and sovereignty.

One questioner took a moment to express outrage that the Conservative candidates were absent and refusing to be transparent and accountable.

Questions covered CPP and OAS; Omnibus bills and the impact they have had on every aspect of Canadian life; and moving away from a carbon based economy. Candidates argued for research at MacMaster and Sheridan into new technologies to make Canada a global market leader in sustainable energy and the Green Party quoted their leader Elizabeth May saying “The Stone Age did not end because we ran out of stones…”

On the impact of immigration, candidates pointed out that the vast majority of Canadians are immigrants or their descendants. The love and mutual support of having one’s whole family around is what makes Canada worth living in. While candidates wanted to restore Canada’s image round the world as a beacon of hope, they cautioned against giving financial aid to corrupt dictatorships and warned that the ideologically based reaction of Conservative leaders will take decades to undo.

When asked how they will afford the changes they plan to make, each candidate directed the audience to details on their party website. Most plans involved tax changes and the Liberals would run a small deficit for three years to stimulate growth. Taking an independent tack, the Libertarians would focus on reducing spending.

When asked what they would do if their constituency goals were different from those of the Party and the country, the candidates argued for engagement and discussion, rather than ruling by fiat. They pointed out that voters choose a representative whose values they admire. They trust that person to find commonalities and stitch together a responsible, collaborative solution.

The candidates used their final two-minute wrap up to urge the audience to take a close look at their parties and think about how best to move Canada forward.

This was the kind of democratic discussion we have been lacking for the past decade. And it was a pity that the Conservatives declined to take part.

September 2015
Speaker addresses the demonstration

Let them In Demonstration

The Invitation
This week most of you have seen and been shocked by the image of Alan Kurdi, a three year old boy washed up dead on a beach in Turkey. This picture has prompted not only outrage but a groundswell of support for the plight of the human tide of refugees pouring into Europe.

We, a group comprised of members of a mosque, a synagogue and some local churches, invite you to join us on Wednesday evening in two days to support us in sponsoring a Syrian family of seven. Canada has pledges to take in 11,300 Syrian refugees but only a few have arrived over the last three years. 

The process is long, bureaucratic and difficult. Our group started work last April and it has taken well educated Canadians four months to complete the forms, even with the help of the refugee coordinator of the United Church. After the signing it could take 17 more months before the family is cleared to come to Canada. In the meantime, they are languishing in Jordan. The parents are not allowed to work and the children cannot go to school. Sometimes we fear that they could become despondent and join the thousands of others now desperately trying to get into Europe by any means.

The Demonstration
On a warm September evening, many members of RODC joined other groups and individuals in Town Square in Oakville to sign a petition to be given to Alexander and to draw attention to the plight of the Syrian refugees as well as protest the difficulties the gov't has placed in the way of groups who want to sponsor families.

Here are a few pictures.


EVENT: April 15, 2015 7:00

NOTICE: Hear Michael interviewed by Steve Paikin on The Agenda on April 22, 2015. 

Speaker: Party of One author Michael Harris 

Location: The Galaxy 707 Club, 475 North Service Road, Oakville ON

Michael Harris is a writer, journalist, and documentary filmmaker. He was awarded a Doctor of Laws for his “unceasing pursuit of justice for the less fortunate among us.” 
     His eight books include Justice Denied, Unholy Orders, Rare ambition, Lament for an Ocean, and Con Game. His work has sparked four commissions of inquiry, and three of his books have been made into movies.

April 15, 2015
250 people met in the 707 Galaxy Club loaned to RODC by Unifor for the event.

Judy Rivard introducing Michael Harris
Michael speaks to 200 people
Nicole and Judy sort written questions

Audience hears clear responses from Michael
Jennifer reminds us of the legacy of Max Kahn
Shane Wark of Unifor
a different drummer sells Michael's books

Long line up for book signing


March 19 RODC C-51 Demonstration

On Thursday morning MP Terence Young hosted Government House Leader Peter Van Loan at a breakfast at the Dynasi Restaurant on Dundas Street. Mr Van Loan came to speak on Keeping Canada Safe. 

A bunch of experienced protesters from Reclaim Our Democratic Canada and Amnesty International were outside the restaurant at 7.30 am in sub-zero temperatures, to protest against Bill C-51.

Van Loan Greeters
One of the protesters made a short speech, explaining,

Why I got up at this god-awful hour…

"I am here to protest the erosion of civil liberties in Canada – and I am not going to roll over and go back to sleep.

The government of Canada is allowing CSIS to run amok - but this will not make us safer.

Bill -51 will allow security forces to pry into every aspect of the lives of Canadians, to spy on our own citizens and to take drastic action without explanation or oversight.

The world still seems normal – and most of us don’t yet understand what a dramatic and terrifying change this is.

Totalitarian systems creep forward, gradually breaking down obstacles and opposition that lie in their path.

By the time Canadians grasp what has happened to them, it will be too late. There will be no mechanisms left by which they can fight back. That is where we are headed. That is what is going on in Canada.

And I don’t intend to sleep through it."

Early Commuters on Dundas got an eyeful
Members of RODC Joined the National Day of Action Against Bill C-51 in Toronto on Saturday March 14

Elizabeth May was the first MP to stand up against the Harper government's so-called “anti-terror bill,” which does nothing to improve national security, and is likely unconstitutional.

Thousands of Canadians marched on Saturday at the National Day of Action To Stop The Secret Police Bill C51.

Rallies were organized all across the country. 

There are tons of pictures on Twitter at #StopBillC51. 


February 11, 2015

Speaker: John Dupuis, York U Librarian 
Topic: The Government’s War on Science.
Judy Rivard, MC for the Event

John Oliver speaking with Pat and June

Max Kahn and friends
About 50 people attended this exciting event at O'Finn's Irish Temper in Oakville.  He spoke and showed his evidence using a slide presentation. 
No Evidence, No Truth, No Science, No Democracy
Pat Froio thanks John Dupuis
To see the slide show, click on the link below.

Click here for his slide presentation.

He maintains a blog on various topics including the war on science.

Check out his blog here.
The Seven Candidates stand to sing the anthem
Welcome to First Nations land

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